Bianca Dunker

My role is to provide specialist technical expertise to staff and students associated with the Lowe Lab Group’s Timber Tracking activities to ensure the delivery of projects on time, within budget and to expectations.

Research interests:
I am interested in the application of genetic methods within the context of illegal logging to reduce the impact and overall destruction of natural forests ecosystems. Most of my research has the conservation of natural ecosystems as its main focus which also includes understanding the negative impacts of humans on natural ecosystems and how to reduce and/or avoid these pressures.

My Science background is based in Forest Science as I completed my B.Sc. in Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology (2004) and M.Sc. in Tropical and International Forestry (2007) at the Georg-August-University, Germany.

I am in the process of completing my PhD in Plant Population Genetics and Fire Ecology at Flinders University in Adelaide (2009-on going), supervised by Prof Michael Bull, Prof Andy Lowe, Associate Prof Don Driscoll and Prof David Keith. I assessed seed dispersal distributions for two plant species in fire-prone Mallee, population genetic diversity and structure of the two species under different fire regimes, particularly fire frequencies and the effect of different fire seasons on seed dispersal distances. Findings were placed within the context of current fire management of Mallee ecosystems and aimed to improve present practices to secure its biodiversity for the future.