Duncan Jardine

I am a PhD Candidate, working in the Timber Tracking Group. My thesis is entitled DNA to the rescue: Genetic tools for monitoring illegal logging of valuable timber species. My PhD project is broken into three broad areas. Firstly I am working on the optimisation of a DNA extraction protocol, designed specifically for timber and degraded plant tissue. The second area makes use of second Generation sequencing techniques, to develop SNP markers for population and individual assignment testing of Acer macrophyllum (NW USA) and Triplochiton scleroxylon (West Africa). The third area focuses on using the data generated for T. scleroxylon in phylogeographic and habitat suitability analyses.

I completed both a Bachelor of Environmental Science and a Graduate Diploma of Research Methods at James Cook University. My Academic background is in plant taxonomy and environmental science, but a career move to Adelaide to Join the Lowe Lab Group in 2010 brought me into the Lowe Lab Group. I worked as a lab technician on a variety field and laboratory projects, remaining in this position until beginning my PhD in 2013.

Email: duncan.jardine@adelaide.edu.au
University of Adelaide Profile: http://www.adelaide.edu.au/directory/duncan.jardine